Current Projects:

  1. Nitrogen cycling in ruminant livestock systems: a modeling approach. Ajinomoto Heartland, USA
  2. Farm-scale assessment of greenhouse gases mitigation strategies in dairy livestock-cropping-systems. Agriculture Greenhouse Gases Program (collaborator: Univ. of Guelph, Canada).
  3. Agricultural greenhouse gas mitigation opportunities for California (Duke Univ./Packard Foundation)
  4. Quantification of water quality effects of changing the management of livestock systems for use in water quality markets (Duke Univ./Packard Foundation)
  5. Enhancing capacity for low emissions development strategies in Vietnam. USDA (Foreign Agricultural Service)
  6. Evaluation of feedstuffs and additives for their potential to mitigate GHG emission in livestock production in Ghana. Borlaug Fellowship, USDA (Foreign Agricultural Service).
  7. Bovine innovative greenhouse gas solutions. USDA NRCS (collaborator: Unison, CA)
  8. Reducing enteric methane emissions from cows in large dairy enterprises in Mexico. UCMEXUS.
  9. Ecological performance of fishes in an ever-changing Estuary: The effects of nutritional status on environmental stress tolerance in Sturgeon. Cal-Fed.
  10. Metabolic relationships in supply of nutrients for lactating dairy cows. USDA.
  11. Energy partitioning in prepubertal Sturgeon. WRAC

Completed Projects

  1. Developing a process-based model for estimating air emissions from swine operations. National Pork Board.
  2. Reducing intensity of greenhouse gas emissions in grazing livestock production systems in Uruguay. Borlaug Fellowship, USDA (Foreign Agricultural Service).
  3. Effect of protein and energy supplementation to rice straw based diets on methane emissions in Vietnam. Global Research Alliance Fellowship, USDA (Foreign Agricultural Service).
  4. Assessment and mitigation of whole farm sustainability and emissions from dairy production systems in the arid West. USDA (AFRI/NIFA)
  5. Greenhouse gas management strategies for cattle/dairy cows in the United States. Packard Foundation (collaborator: Duke University, NC).
  6. Assessment of greenhouse gas production of dairy and beef cattle in confined animal production systems in southern and central Chile. Borlaug Fellowship, USDA (Foreign Agricultural Service).
  7. Meta-analysis (non-linear multi-criteria model) of performance responses to estimate methionine requirement of laying hens. Evonik-Degussa.
  8. Comparison of economic and environmental efficiencies of advanced beef production systems in the Western Canadian Parkland Agri-Food Research and Development Initiative.
  9. Development of the Manure Gas Research Facility (MANGAS-RF) for modeling greenhouse gas emissions from stored manure: Phase I- evaluation of dietary manipulation effects. Manitoba Agricultural Sustainability Practices Program.
  10. Effects of manure and formulated N fertilizers on greenhouse gas emissions in the Red River Valley. Manitoba Agricultural Sustainability Practices Program.
  11. Poultry model development. Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council.
  12. Nutrient transformations and prediction of greenhouse gas emissions from stored manure. Agricultural Sustainability Initiative.
  13. Kebreab, E. (PI) & Tenuta, M. 2009. Quantitative assessment and mitigation of GHG emissions from livestock manure applied soil. Manitoba Agricultural Sustainability Practices Program.
  14. Nutrient management planning for swine operations using extant and new feed consumption models and manure analysis. Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives, Sustainable Development Initiative Fund and Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative.
  15. Modeling Sustainable Agricultural Systems. National Science and Engineering Research Council - Canada Research Chairs Program.
  16. Modeling rumen function in non-steady state. National Science and Engineering Research Council - Discovery Program.