The UC Davis Sustainable Agriculture Modeling Laboratory has research, teaching and outreach programs. To fulfill the mission of the animal science department, the modeling lab deals with dairy and beef cattle, pigs, poultry, fish, equines and pets.

Our research focuses on four main areas. First, the modeling lab aims to quantify and evaluate mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in agriculture using a whole systems approach. Laboratory members develop various types of mathematical models to predict emissions from animals, manure and soil. Second, our lab is engaged in development of energy and nutrient utilization/requirement models in various species of animals using empirical and mechanistic modeling approaches. Third, the modeling lab applies recent theoretical developments in mathematics and statistics for solving environmental issues facing modern agriculture. Finally, our group is affiliated with UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute and we are engaged in the study of sustainable agriculture, in particular quantitative aspects of animal production in relation to environmental sustainability.

Our teaching activities include development and participation in an online course on ‘Modeling biological systems’ offered to students at several universities around the world. Undergraduate teaching includes ‘sustainable animal production’ for students enrolled in sustainable agriculture and animal science and management majors. The modeling laboratory also contributes to the Animal Biology and Ecology graduate groups by providing mentoring and services on qualification/thesis committees.

We integrate research and outreach efforts to develop and extend new information on how dietary manipulation and feed efficiency are related to reduction in GHG emissions and economic viability of farming systems. Outreach is conducted through regular stakeholder meetings and invited presentations at state, national and international levels.

Visitors are invited to explore the website and encouraged to contact us with comments or ideas.